This self research essay is a personal reflection on what I know of and how I know the experiences and racial relations in America generally and in my immediate surroundings particularly. This self exploration will focus on several special incidents that are pivotal in my understanding of racial relations. Based on the exploration undertaken, I would like to submit that racism is real, alive and well in our society. The prospects for improved racial relations are there, but unfortunately they do not cut across the larger United States. In much of the rural and countryside America, in the face, discriminative and prejudiced racial practices continue to shape the relations between white and black America. On the other hand, in the urban and suburban areas crude, in the face racist practices like denial of seats in public arena's is fading only to be replaced with the much crafted institutional forms of racism championed by state agencies. Personally I see the race relations improving though at a snail's pace. The election of people of color to public office, more minority students at universities and colleges and the increasing number of inter-racial relations are examples. The more people become enlightened of each others contribution to the whole, the more we are likely to accept our differences and forge ahead. I see friendships of all races at major colleges and campuses and personally I've extended my hands to reach my white brothers and sisters to openly discuss social issues and what we can do to improve them. With the minorities of yesterday becoming the majorities of today, race harmonization is a matter of priority. The optimism espoused by presidential candidate Barrack Obama of a color blind America is indeed a step in the right direction that should be followed by those charged with policy execution, for it is these policies that pertain to housing, the criminal justice industry and the job market that have a crucial influence on racial matters.



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