This article attempts to conceptualize the violence of colonialism and racism by drawing on Aníbal Quijano's model of power. It argues that "racism" is a signifier of the axial agonistic binary relations at the core or 'kernel code' of the convolutions of the modern/colonial habitus. At the core of modernity lies an agonistic binary relation between "order" or "certainty" and the "other" representing the self invented nemesis of order--uncertainty or alterity. Central to this agonistic relationship is the negation of the colonized "other" as a basis for not only the constitution of the self/order but also as the fuel that drives the axial spatial articulation of this Manichean orientation to reality: a mental and spatial articulation that is profoundly alien in the worldviews of most oral and indigenous cultures the world over. Through a cultural critique of Eurocentrism, the article sets out to rescue the liberation thesis of Franz Fanon from the grip of this modern/colonial mechanism of power and its extensions.



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