This essay authored by James Fenelon is a chapter in the anthology Rod Bush: Lessons from a Radical Black Scholar on Liberation, Love, and Justice, edited by Melanie E. L. Bush, and co-edited by Rose M. Brewer, Daniel Douglas, Loretta Chin, and Robert Newby (2019). Fenelon argues that Black Nationalism like the struggles of Native Nations with sovereignty, entails leadership and scholarly engagement, both of which are often criticized and under attack from a dominant society that wants to maintain hegemonic power. In the essay, Fenelon remembers Rod Bush in this regard, and as a friend and scholarly warrior, by drawing upon their shared experiences as they relate to the broader Indigenous world-system and its corollary with white supremacy worldwide. Also, the author attempts to honor Professor Bush through a symbolic naming and recognizing of his service to movement and global community, again through the indigenous eyes of centuries of struggle for social justice and liberation.



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