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Thompson Island has provided unique and outstanding educational services to young people for more than 150 years. The following narrative and historical photographs chronicle how five successive organizations have each pursued the original goal of using the island's remarkable resources to improve the lives of youth from Boston and the surrounding area.

A continuous Board of Trustees has governed the island during the past century and a half. Currently, the resident organization is known as the Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center. Although it is new to the island, Outward Bound is proud to carry on the progressive traditions described in this booklet by offering challenging hands-on learning experiences to many of Boston's most deserving youth. We plan to develop the island into a place as well known and respected as it was in centuries past, with a program revised to fit the needs of the 21st century. We trust that these pages will reveal to you the sources of inspiration and the rewards that have motivated so many Thompson Island supporters in the past, and encourage you to join our new generation of friends for this enduring urban treasure.

From an introduction by the Board of Trustees for the Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center, 1991


Copyright © by Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center, Inc.



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