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The current investigation was conceived to support the expansion of two-way bilingual programs in BPS. Two-way bilingual (TWB) is an intrinsically equitable educational model which provides children from different linguistic, socio-economic, and racial backgrounds a rigorous, enriching education. All students are expected to attain high achievement markers by state and federal standards, as well as bilingualism, biliteracy, and cultural competencies in English and a partner language (Spanish most frequently). This report, which defines TWB narrowly as one in a handful of dual-language education options, establishes a baseline of practices that are widely regarded as pivotal features of well-implemented TWB programs. Guidelines and recommendations for the implementation of TWB features were drawn from empirical/expert literature and from best practices in BPS schools. The latter were observed and documented at fully rolled-out programs in two elementary K-8 schools in BPS with a record of success: the Rafael Hernández and the Joseph J. Hurley. Specific attention is given to the development of a language policy, to staffing considerations, and to instructional practices for two-way bilingual classrooms. The importance of building community buy-in is highlighted, together with culturally relevant practices that are applicable in a broader context.


The Mauricio Gastón Institute for Latino Community Development and Public Policy

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