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This fact sheet summarizes information about legal immigration flows to the New England Region during the 1990s employing Immigration and Naturalization Service data. Although the annual number of legal permanent residents (e.g., green card holders) from Latin America and the Caribbean fell during the decade, as a percent of all legal immigrants who settled in New England their representation rose. Among all Latin American and Caribbean immigrants who settled in the region, more than half chose Massachusetts or Connecticut. And although most reported working in lower-skilled occupations, from 10 percent to 30 percent of immigrants from each c o u n t ry were working in professional, administrative, or technical support positions. Finally, at least 80 percent of all new legal permanent residents from each nation except Haiti relied on family-based entry categories to obtain their new status.


The Gaston Institute has produced this series of fact sheets in an effort to present up-to-date information about the issues affecting Latinos in a number of key areas: Education, Health, Housing, Immigration, and Political Representation.



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