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This manuscript attempts to capture the perspectives of emerging managers and public policy makers as evinced in the perspectives of graduate students and others who were enrolled in my newly developed course on the global financial crisis—first offered in the 2010 Harvard Summer Economics Program—at a time when students were engaged in the midst and aftermath of the most severe U.S. and worldwide recession since the Great Depression of the early 1930s. The many perspectives gathered on the causes, consequences, remedies, and perhaps more importantly, a glimpse at student thoughts, concerns, and worries at the time—have been collected from the final paper that I assigned in the global crisis course over three cohorts of students including, (1) the Harvard Summer Economics Program of 2010 (Cohort 1), (2) A “Special Topics” course at the University of Massachusetts Boston during Spring semester 2012 (Cohort 2), and (3) the same course offered in the Harvard Summer Economics Program during the summer of 2012.

While we have all heard the many opinions and perspectives on the global economic and financial crisis from academia, government, industry among others, we have yet to hear from emerging managers and public policy makers, as captured in this manuscript by the perceptions, beliefs, and positions of graduate students and others of similar standing who will likely hold the reins to managing the global economy and political and societal developments in the years to come. With this in mind, this manuscript attempts to fill the missing void of opinions and perspectives of the next generation of managers and public policy makers—as their opinions and views will likely influence the lives of all for years to come.


With Special Contribution from: Richard T. Selden, PhD, Carter Glass Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Virginia

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Perspectives on the Global Financial Crisis From Emerging Managers and Public Policy Makers [Abridged Version]


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