Submissions from 2022


UMass Boston Bike Share Survey Instrument and Dataset, Philip Troped

Submissions from 2015


Creating an Academic Culture that Supports Community-Engaged Scholarship, John Saltmarsh, Mark Warren, Patricia Krueger-Henney, Lorna Rivera, Richard Fleming, Donna Friedman, and Miren Uriarte

Submissions from 2014


Advancing Community Engaged Scholarship and Community Engagement at the University of Massachusetts Boston: A Report of the Working Group for an Urban Research-Based Action Initiative, Mark Warren, John Saltmarsh, Patricia Krueger-Henney, Lorna Rivera, Miren Uriarte, Donna Friedman, Richard Fleming, Diana Yadira-Salas, and Luciano Ramos

Submissions from 2013


Trends in Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior, Diet, and BMI Among US Adolescents, 2001–2009, Ronald Iannotti and Jing Wang

Submissions from 2012


Increasing Physical Activity in Inner City Youth Using Novel Interactive Gaming, SD de Ferranti; SK Steltz; Scott Crouter; A Kim; SK Osganian; Jessica Whiteley; H Feldman; Laura L. Hayman; and GoKids Boston, University of Massachusetts Boston


GoKids Boston Youth Fitness, Training, and Research Center, Meghan Feeley; Sarah Camhi; Dana Commesso; and GoKids Boston, University of Massachusetts Boston


HORIZON Center: Promoting Health and Health Equity in Inner Boston, Celia Moore, Jane Adams, Tiffany Donaldson, Ester Shapiro, Eileen Stuart-Shor, Jessica Whiteley, Milton Samuels, and Michelle Rogers