Submissions from 2015


Creating an Academic Culture that Supports Community-Engaged Scholarship, John Saltmarsh, Mark Warren, Patricia Krueger-Henney, Lorna Rivera, Richard Fleming, Donna Friedman, and Miren Uriarte

Submissions from 2014

Bridging the Divide between Faculty and Administration: A Guide to Understanding Conflict in the Academy, James L. Bess and Jay R. Dee


Advancing Community Engaged Scholarship and Community Engagement at the University of Massachusetts Boston: A Report of the Working Group for an Urban Research-Based Action Initiative, Mark Warren, John Saltmarsh, Patricia Krueger-Henney, Lorna Rivera, Miren Uriarte, Donna Friedman, Richard Fleming, Diana Yadira-Salas, and Luciano Ramos

Submissions from 2013

Innovation in the Schoolhouse: Entrepreneurial Leadership in Education, Jack E. Leonard


NECC Early College Program: Third-Year Outcomes, Jack Leonard and Ellen Grondine

Submissions from 2012


Amesbury Early College Program: Second-Year Outcomes, John E. Leonard, Sue Grolnic, and Roy Hamond

Submissions from 2011


Using Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Theory to Understand Community Partnerships: An Historical Case Study of One Urban High School, Jack Leonard

Submissions from 1994


Notes on Higher Education in the 1990s, Zelda F. Gamson


Expanding the Pool of Women and Minority Students Pursuing Graduate Study: The Development of a National Model, Bernard W. Harleston