Through these publications and presentations, you will get to know five women of color active in politics in Massachusetts who became community researchers for one year to identify barriers, opportunities, and resources for women of color to run for office or serve in other public leadership positions.

The five Women’s Pipeline for Change research fellows carried out studies that address some of today’s most pressing questions about the political leadership of women of color.

The result of an innovative research partnership between the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy and the Women’s Pipeline for Change, these pages were designed to offer resources to help women of color advance to public leadership in Massachusetts.

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Browse the Pathways to Political Leadership for Women of Color Collections:

Civically Engaged Mothers of Color and the Challenges of Political Leadership

Latina Pathways to Political Leadership

Political Motivations of Women of Color Leaders: Existing Challenges

Support Strategies for Asian American Women Leaders in Massachusetts

Western Massachusetts and Campaigns: Women of Color Running for Office