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A review of existing research on population awareness of potentially reduced exposure tobacco products (PREPs) as well as results of cognitive interviews suggest that awareness of PREPs is quite low at this time, except in active test-markets. In order to monitor changes in awareness and perceptions of, and receptivity to these products over time, we have proposed using a set of questions as well as coding conventions that appear to result in reasonably accurate estimates of awareness of a particular group of products. The recommended items, which performed will in cognitive interviews, are presented in Appendix D of this report. It must be acknowledged that this report is limited by the need to restrict the number of respondents and by the fact that those included were of relatively high socio-economic status. Prior to any large scale use of these survey items, we recommend that further pre-tests be done using other survey modes (telephone and self-administered), and that an effort be made to include respondents with lower levels of education, and with greater cultural diversity.



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