Exploring the Foundations of Self-Leadership to Develop the Self-Efficacy Required to Perform, in the Journey of Leading the Self Before Leading Others

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Open Access Capstone

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Robert Ricketts

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Jeremy Szteiter


This paper is founded upon an existentialist approach, concurring with the notion that human beings are free to choose and, thus, are a product of their choices rather than a product of their circumstances. I then introduce the theory of self-leadership as the notion of ‘leading the self before leading others,’ laying out that idea that anyone can be a leader regardless of occupational context. Following, I explore the foundations of such theory, highlighting the strategies and practices that contribute to developing the self-efficacy required to perform, as part of the overarching vision that guides me in the journey of life and sustains my existence. It also considers our role as social beings, and the effect of socio-structural influences upon our choices and ability to perform, as well as our power to influence others. Lastly, it invites readers to reflect upon their own journey and, by doing so, to become aware of what constitutes their existence, based on the intentional meaning and purpose that each one creates for themselves.

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