Belief is so last century

Date of Completion

Fall 12-26-2012

Document Type

Open Access Capstone

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

First Advisor

Carol Smith

Second Advisor

Arthur Millman


Through my work in transpersonal studies and my exploration into Near Death Experiences, I began a journey into the unknown. But it was because of my work in this Critical & Creative Masters program that I began to look at the information in a new way. I began to see evidence that led me to, not the impossibility of a ‘confirmation’ of consciousness survival, but to a field of science that was underfunded and unsupported by the materialist scientific community. This situation would be acceptable if that community had actually proven that consciousness does not survive death, in fact they have not proven this hypothesis to be true. My focus is to bring the reader to the conclusion that we need to pressure the powers that be to address the ‘hard problem’ of ‘inner space’, which requires equal resources and determination currently applied to our outer space exploration. My hope is that my book will provide a new and insightful perspective on the ‘afterlife’.

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