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Research Report

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manpower policy, Massachusetts, Boston, municipal staffing


Economic Policy | Public Administration | Public Policy | State and Local Government Law | Urban Studies


This report on municipal manpower in the City of Boston is one of a series of Urban Observatory studies designed to improve the effectiveness of City policies and programs. Focusing on the City's requirements for administrative, professional and technical staff, the study examines current patterns and problems, identifies existing strengths and weaknesses, and offers a number of recommendations aimed at upgrading municipal performance by expanding the cadres of qualified staff. While the findings identify serious deficiencies, they also point to opportunities for effecting substantial change over the next decade. In particular, the study points to the potentially large attrition of high and middle level Civil Service personnel that will occur during the 1970's. Forward-looking, substantive revisions in the City's personnel policies could provide the foundation for a new period of municipal competence, and responsiveness.


Boston Urban Observatory



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