Collaborating on Collaboration: Results of the 2005 Amerind Seminar on Indigenous Archaeology

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When we convened in early October 2005, we came from many parts of North America, many career paths, and many backgrounds, but we realized after four days of working, talking, laughing, debating, and dining together in the magnificent beauty of the southeastern Arizona desert that we shared something fundamental. We shared a commitment to making collaborative indigenous archaeology front and center in North American archaeology. This topic first brought us together at the 70th Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, where we were awarded the “outstanding symposium” for our session on collaborative indigenous archaeology. This topic brought us back together again at the Amerind Foundation in Dragoon, Arizona, to participate in an advanced seminar. With John Ware as our gracious host, 12 participants discussed collaborative indigenous archaeology in the context of past, present, and future. Participants traveled from the corners of the continent to present a variety of regional approaches. Participants also offered us a chance to see how collaborative archaeological projects look after only a few years and how they look after more than a decade.


Published in the journal, SAA Archaeological Record, by the Society for American Archaeology.


Society for American Archaeology