Most Recent Additions


Who is a Student: Completion in Coursera Courses at Duke University
Molly Goldwasser, Chris Mankoff, Kim Manturuk, Lorrie Schmid, and Keith E. Whitfield


What is it Like to Learn and Participate in Rhizomatic MOOCs? A Collaborative Autoethnography of #RHIZO14
Maha Bali, Sarah Honeychurch, Keith Hamon, Rebecca J. Hogue, Apostolos Koutropoulos, Scott Johnson, Ronald Leunissen, and Lenandlar Singh


How the Community Became More Than the Curriculum: Participant Experiences In #RHIZO14
Sarah Honeychurch, Bonnie Stewart, Maha Bali, Rebecca J. Hogue, and Dave Cormier


Take the Right StEPS!
Scott Wands and Nina Zannieri


Setting Up an Archives
Jeannette A. Bastian, Michelle Chiles, and Rachel Onuf


Invitation to Collaborate
Tom Blake, Rob Cox, Carolyn M. Goldstein, Desiree Hamelin, and Elizabeth Thomsen


DROP IN SESSIONS — Preservation Quick Fix
Eva Grizzard, Stephanie Hebert, Karen Herbaugh, and Lorraine James


DROP IN SESSIONS — Find the Money!
Mass Humanities, Massachusetts Cultural Council, and Massachusetts State Historic Records Advisory Board


DROP IN SESSIONS — Caring for History Structures
Cindy Brockway and Sally Zimmerman


History for and with Kids and Schools
Bruce Reinholdt, Olivia Searcy, and Elizabeth Vizza

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