Most Recent Additions


An Introduction
Jacqueline Cooke


An Introduction
Evelyn Murphy


Women’s Municipal Leadership in Massachusetts: Snapshot of Cape Cod
Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy, University of Massachusetts Boston


Indians Once Roamed This Land…
Mwalim (Morgan James Peters)


The Somali Diaspora in Greater Boston
Paul R. Camacho, Abdi Dirshe, Mohamoud Hiray, and Mohamed J. Farah




BREAK OUT SESSION - Leveraging Philanthropy for Policy Action
Marcia Coné, Elizabeth Barajas-Roman, Arianne Corrente, Marianne Jones, Cynthia Nimmo, Suzanne B. Peters, and Sarah Ruef-Lindquist


BREAK OUT SESSION - New England State Paid Leave Policies: How to Organize Successful Campaigns and Coalitions
Cary Brown, Lindsey Farrell, Catherine Bailey, Lindsay DesLauriers, Deb Fastino, and Gayle Goldin

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